The Irish Whip: A Sting in the Tale    ·

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the set-up for a future John Cena heel turn, as The Masked Man writes on Grantland about the ‘Chekhov’s Gun’ of the erstwhile wrestling rapper’s newfound power to reinstate The Authority as ‘the powers that be’ in WWE. It’s a twist that was clearly designed to plant the seed in every Cena-hater’s mind that there may come a day when the children’s champion swerves on the good people of the ‘WWE Universe’ (I hate that phrase so much) and throws in his lot with Triple H and Stephanie and company. That it will likely never happen is completely beside the point; it’s enough for the smarks to be flattered that Creative put something in there for them to ‘get’ and feel smug about. That’s some nice misdirection, there.


Elsewhere: My Goodreads review of Hawkeye Vol 3: LA Woman    ·

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Kate Bishop’s west coast adventures are a little too sunny, a little too wacky to fit comfortably in the same series as Clint Barton’s relatively serious situation in Brooklyn. Annie Wu’s more conventional art style is fairly jarring compared to David Aja’s stylised look, too. The Kate issues work better separated out in this volume, though it’s far from perfect, with the story arc resolving itself awfully neatly. Still, the writing is witty enough to paper over those cracks for the most part.

Elsewhere: My Goodreads review of How I Escaped My Certain Fate by Stewart Lee    ·

Reblogged from my Goodreads list:

Stewart Lee’s autobiography of sorts is part memoir (only a fraction, really, more a summary than an in-depth examination of his life and career), part director’s commentary on three of his own extended stand-up sets (making up the bulk of this tome, and what really makes it worth reading). How you like it of course depends upon how you like his comedy, but I’ve been a fan of his (and of Richard Herring) since the TMWRNJ days so I’ve been primed for more than 15 years.

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Sweet Smell Of Success forum: New York noir and arsenic cookies
Still one of my favourite movies, and not even for the fantastically biting dialogue. #   ·

The Guardian’s 10 best chickpea recipes
Love me some chickpeas. #   ·

Phantom FM 1996 – 2014: A brief history, by its staff — past, way past and pirate
The moral of the story? Never go ‘legit’. #   ·

Reddit AMAs made readable, finally! #   ·

Beyond cuts: the many roles of a writer’s editor
“An editor may be butcher, but they are also a midwife, a parent, a nanny, a matron, a therapist, a conspirator and a friend. But don’t forget that, in the end, only a butcher can turn a live, stamping, snorting, animal into something you can stomach. So perhaps it’s time we heard it for the butchers.” #   ·

Art of the Title: The Lego Movie
So you love The Lego Movie, right? I mean, how could you not? But if you felt weird that it isn’t really stop-motion (come on, it’s really well done CGI, and would have taken years to make otherwise) here’s a great feature on the end titles, which actually were done in stop-motion, and are fabulous like (most of) the rest of the movie. #   ·

Street Fighter: The Movie - What Went Wrong
Quite a lot, as it happens. But I think making Guile, a bit player in the game’s storyline, into the lead character was the biggest error, and everything snowballed from there. #   ·

A Sense Of Clarity: Wild Beasts Interviewed
A nice chat with the band on the release of their fourth album. Which I meant to review for Thumped months ago and, ah well. It’s good, though. Much better than the last one, which was very disappointing to me. #   ·

Experience: I lost my dad on the London underground
I remember this story when it happened, but I don’t recall its resolution ever being reported. (It’s a happy ending, hooray!) #   ·

What are sinkholes, how do they form and why are we seeing so many?
The Independent with a decent primer on something that’s been on my mind the last few months. #   ·

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