Enlarged Heart Radio 13

Mind-bending psych, transcendental death, blackened dulcimer (?!) and more in the latest Enlarged Heart Radio.



The Four Women Saving Wrestling
GQ gets in on the Four Horsewomen business. But is the change they herald really a sure thing? With matches still being booked in the Divas-era ‘girly’ style (catfights with hair-pulling, basically), we’re a ways off yet. #wrestling   ·

The Smart Fan’s Guide to ‘SummerSlam,’ the Smart Fan’s PPV
I like Shoemaker but I don’t agree with the premise of this piece at all. When did SummerSlam become ‘the smart fan’s WrestleMania’? Isn’t that still WrestleMania? Also, it’s comical in hindsight, what with this year’s SummerSlam being such a drag, and the subsequent minor PPVs being stronger in both ‘workmate’ and entertainment value. #wrestling   ·

Why bad films still deserve good reviews
Here’s a better title: Why bad film still deserve fair reviews. Fair to the film and fair to the reader. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of Moana
I liked it just fine; the story is nothing special, and the songs are blah, but the animation is stunning. #screen   ·

Can you be a feminist and vote for Donald Trump? Yes, you can
I’ve deleted a whole bunch of Trump-related links from my ‘blogfodder’ folder because it’s shit you already know unless you’re an idiot. But I had to share this one because it’s so mind-numbingly depressing, how little some women in America think of themselves, and how low a bar they set for the men they know. On a related note: Jason Kottke’s post on the five steps to tyranny. #comment   ·

A recent interview with Weasel Walter
He seems jaded by the music business, or rather the business of doing music. It’s understandable, to an extent. At least he’s still enjoying the making of music. Here’s a better one with Hank Shteamer where he’s talking just that. #sound   ·

Hair Police discography on Bandcamp
The Kentucky noise band in digital streaming form. #sound   ·

PDF downloads of the 1980s underground zine. #aux   ·

The Story of Feminist Punk in 33 Songs
Women’s thoughts on music made my women, in whole or in part. #sound   ·

“Satan has a new name tonight—it’s Arab on Radar!”
Or, that time a great noise rock band opened for Marilyn Manson. #sound   ·

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Horror film linkdump


Bit late for Hallowe’en, this, but horror films are for any time of year, and I hope the following links give you and me both some inspiration for viewing as the darkness sets in.



Weeknotes #789-795

It’s well and truly winter now, even though the leaves have only fallen in the last few weeks. I think the snow in some parts is sign enough, if not the calendar. It’s also fucking freezing, but on the plus side, that appears to have finally killed off the wasp nest in the extension that’s prevented me from mowing the back garden since midsummer. (And annoyed the shit out of us with dying wasps spontaneously appearing in the house.)



Thinking out loud about the New Dark Age

Times Square

Rounding up some loosely connected thoughts on the last week’s tumultuous political happenings:

— You know the end of Caligula, when he and his family are murdered and the idiot Claudius is proclaimed the new emperor? I can’t quite put my finger on why the last few days remind me of that…

— Real talk, though: Trump’s win shows the dark side of democracy. That’s simply a statement of fact. When people make ill-informed choices, such are the results. That doesn’t mean democracy as a process is inherently flawed; it’s better than any alternative, in both philosophical and real-world terms. It’s the way it’s practiced that makes the difference.



Elsewhere: My Letterboxd reviews of Phantasm II, III and IV

Phantasm II:

It takes a good while for this belated sequel to get going, through a messy, meandering first half-hour that feels a lot longer, till all the pieces are in place for a souped-up showdown between our heroes and the nefarious Tall Man, gleefully icky and technically impressive (for its day) special effects and all.


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