Weeknotes #788

So I’ve finally got the hang of changing down to the lowest gears on my hybrid, which means I can tackle to steep climbs on the road from Dundalk to Newry. And boy are they steep.



My Thumped review of Swiss Army Man
Going against the grain with this one; it seems to be getting good reviews, but I found it insufferable. Sensing some Emperor’s-new-clothes-ism. #screen   ·

My Son, the Prince of Fashion
It’s not even about fashion, really; it’s a touching tribute by a father (the novelist Michael Chabon) to his son, a young man he doesn’t fathom at all and yet understands profoundly. #aux   ·

Gabe Sapolsky talks EVOLVE with Rolling Stone
The pop culture bible (as it were) continues its dalliance with wrestling in this quick-enough read; nothing really new for serious fans but that’s okay. #wrestling   ·

My Thumped review of The Magnificent Seven
Plus a few words on the atrocious gardening biopic Dare To Be Wild. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of The Girl with All the Gifts
A kitchen sink zombie drama that’s all about the relationships at its core. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years
If you’re a hardcore fan, you already know the story, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of Hell or High Water
A classic Robin Hood tale retold with modern complications. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of Don’t Breathe
Bit late posting this one, and a few more to come; Fede Álvarez makes up for his horrid Evil Dead remake with a film that has its own problems. #screen   ·

A podcast from NPR about going deep into news stories one might otherwise breeze over on a given site or in a given paper. Doesn’t look like there’s been anything new since June but hopefully it’s just been on a summer pause. #media   ·

Justice, finally: a Hillsborough survivor’s story
Another one from the summer backlog, here; an emotive story from someone who was in the thick of that nightmare. #aux   ·

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Weeknotes #785-787

It’s been a productive September on the writing front, with seven (and a bit) film reviews under my belt so far. There’s bit of a breather for the next few days, as I don’t have any press shows on my calendar till the end of next week, but I have got a couple of screeners to watch this weekend, for which I’ll have my little notebook ready.


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