Enlarged Heart Radio 10

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My Thumped review of Green Room
How did I forget to blog this? Top contender for movie of the year for me. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of X-Men: Apocalypse
Third-movie syndrome strikes the ‘First Class’ generation in a bumper-sized movie that’s all much ado about nothing. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of Knight of Cups
On Terrence Malick’s latest experimental drama. Plus a few words on Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of Friend Request
What an awful, awful film. It doesn’t even deserve the effort of an intro. #screen   ·

The Obama Doctrine
“For all of our warts, the United States has clearly been a force for good in the world. If you compare us to previous superpowers, we act less on the basis of naked self-interest, and have been interested in establishing norms that benefit everyone. If it is possible to do good at a bearable cost, to save lives, we will do it.” If only that were completely true, the ‘acting less on the basis of naked self-interest’ part: even a great power with great responsibility like the US never acts out of altruism; it always puts itself first. (Hence the alarmingly eager redirection towards drone-based interventionism.) But the quote demonstrates that Barack Obama is the most human president the US has had in years, and for all of his warts — and there are many — he is one of the most important. #comment   ·

Japan’s women wrestlers fight to win
High-brow re-acceptance of wrestling as an idiosyncratic art form takes its inevitable detour through the Japanese puroresu underground with this beautiful photo essay. #wrestling   ·

Don’t Teach Data Journalism Without Teaching Mobile-First Design
My old comrade Markham cuts to the chase: it’s not enough for infoviz/data journalism to be meaningful, it also has to be legible. #media   ·

The Reckoning: The Story of Claire Wilson
It’s desperately sad but revelatory, and refreshing to get this kind of deep-dive journalism from a casualty of tragedy, rather than the perpetrators often obsessed about. #aux   ·

Q Prime’s Burnstein And Mensch On Managing Metallica And Jimmy Page, Playing The Label Game, And Staying On Top For 33 Years
I’ll never get enough of these behind-the-music things. Also: so that’s who Louise Mench married. So why does she act such a blathering idiot on social media? #sound   ·

The art of being in the wrong place at the right time: behind the scenes of social media newsgathering
News orgs at all levels really need to consider the situation from their quarry’s perspective before they pick up the phone or dash off a tweet or email. #media   ·

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Weeknotes #762-766

Well, April went by fast. Too fast to stop and take account, though on review I didn’t achieve that much. I watched a few movies and a bit of wrestling and a lot of anime. I listened to hours of podcasts. I read a whole bunch. I suppose that all adds up to something but right now I couldn’t tell you what.



Elsewhere: My Letterboxd review of Accident

Reblogged from my Letterboxd list:

What promises to be a high-concept thriller - in which a gang of assassins who employ elaborate Final Destination-style tricks to stage their hits are turned on each other by seemingly trickier forces - doesn’t take long to dissipate into a bland, tension-free surveillance drama that aspires to the paranoiac heights of The Conversation but has to settle for occasional bursts of violence to spike the attention graph.


Elsewhere: My Letterboxd review of The Jungle Book

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Now here’s a real treat! Jon Favreau’s take on the Rudyard Kipling tales, as opposed to the boring 1960s Disney cartoon, is a visual feast and an exciting adventure with heart and soul despite being made almost entirely with computers. Shame the kid playing Mowgli is so bad, mind, but that doesn’t detract much from the triumph that is The Jungle Book.


Elsewhere: My Letterboxd review of Captain America: Civil War

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The title is a misnomer, as in spite of everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe machine will tell you, Captain America: Civil War is not a Captain America movie. It may have the same writer and directors that gave us The Winter Solider, but it’s really a direct sequel in everything but name to the average Avengers: Age of Ultron. Steve Rogers is in it, sure, but no more than any other Avenger. There’s even an argument to be made that the story’s more about Tony Stark than it is about him.


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