About MacDara

I’m MacDara Conroy, a music and film writer, production journalist, mediavore and wrestling geek from Dublin, now living 80km north – with the lovely Bee and our growing collection of board games – in Dundalk. That’s in Ireland, by the way.

Apart from blogging here, I twitter, read books, listen to music, take photos, contribute to the hive mind, collect images and things, watch movies and videos, go cycling, look after my health, go on adventures and play around with projects. Not to mention I wrote a thesis once.

I’m also available for hire for freelance writing and editing assignments. While I skew towards the arts, I have a broad base of experience in news and features, from migrant issues to marine wildlife. You can read things I’ve written at Thumped and Burning Ambulance, and stuff I’ve subedited or contributed at Metro Éireann and Afloat.ie.

If you’re looking for someone to write or polish something for you, please drop me a line: / Twitter / Google+ / LinkedIn

At the moment...

I’ve got the following items on my agenda:
11/12/15: Drainland/Unyielding Love/Black Spring at Tenterhooks
27/02/16: OTT Wrestling: Ah Ted at the Tivoli
28/02/16: ICW ‘It’s Just a Big Stereo Hangin' From a Tree’ at The Academy

You can find my latest musical leanings at my Last.fm profile, but I also stream/download podcasts such as:
The Art of Wrestling / Cheap Heat / Shake Them Ropes

My book list is on Goodreads, but that doesn’t include periodicals:
Decibel #121 / Rock-A-Rolla #43 / SFX #267 / Starburst #415 / The Wire #381

My movie list is on Letterboxd, but I’m also watching the following:
Adventure Time (Netflix) / Botchamania (YouTube) / Breaking Ground (WWE Network) / Durarara!! (Crunchyroll) / Elementary s03 (DL) / Game of Thrones s04 (DL) / House (Netflix) / WWE NXT (WWE Network) / Parasyte: The Maxim (Crunchyroll) / Table for 3 (WWE Network)

On occasion I’ve been known to play the odd game:
Android: Netrunner (TTG) / Desert Golfing (iOS) / Dominion (TTG) / Letterpress (iOS) / QuizUp (iOS) / Race for the Galaxy (TTG) / Star Fluxx (TTG)


This is the umpteenth version of my personal website, which I’ve been keeping since October 1999 (and at the current domain since 2003). The blog started in November 2001 and has been running on-and-off ever since.

The current design went live in September 2013, evolving from my previous design of summer 2006. It’s (mostly) handcoded in HTML5 and CSS3 with Atom for the Mac. The font is Work Sans via Google Fonts. The site is published to the web with Movable Type (yes, even after all these years) and is hosted by Blacknight Solutions.

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