The Coddling of the American Mind
You know that bit Stewart Lee does about ‘political correctness gone mad’? I think even he would turn green in the face of this sheer self-righteous ignorance, this kind of selective outrage that priorities certain people’s feelings over others in situations where there is no incitement to hatred and, perhaps worse, equates mild discomfort on the part of otherwise well-meaning people expressing solidarity with (but ultimately condescending to and patronising) vulnerable others with long-lasting psychological or physical injury. So there! On a related note, the same issue of The Atlantic has a piece on how stand-up comics in the US have to censor their humour for college campuses, but weirdly I think the situation provides some pause for self-reflection: American stand-up is mostly unfunny shit, because it takes stereotypes as an end in themselves without unpicking them and playing with them in the same way observational comics do on this side of the pond. (Though even at that, I guarantee that Stewart Lee bit above would be enough to earn him a ban from many ‘forward thinking’ campuses.) #comment   ·

Music writer’s Twitter feed exposes industry’s harsh sexism, marginalization
Arsehole/ignorant men and the culture that perpetuates them are letting my gender down. #comment   ·

Punk has a problem with women. Why?
For the usual reasons, alas. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find it’s still an egalitarian culture, maybe even more so than ever before. #sound   ·

My Thumped review of The Martian
An engrossing adventure tale whose ‘hard sci-fi’ credentials have been oversold, I think. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of Miss You Already
Catherine Hardwicke’s wannabe weepy works best when it dispenses with the clichés and the characters get real. #screen   ·

The Timeless Beauty Of Studio Ghibli’s Movies
And these images are only backgrounds and/or establishing shots. Just goes to show the effort anime artists put in that puts western animated cinema (yes, even the vaunted Pixar) to shame. #screen   ·

Huge collection of (and commentary on) matte art from classic films
Matte feels like a lost art in the CGI era, even more so seeing these classic paintings restored for high-definition transfers. #screen   ·

The strange, preachy, profitable saga of Billy Jack
Nathan Rabin on the “violently contradictory” Billy Jack movies, which are strangely all but unknown outside of the US, despite their deep cultural resonance to Americans. [c/o MeFi] #screen   ·

Aubergine rolls with spinach & ricotta
Made this twice last week, but with a twist: those rolls are a pain in the hole, so we just stirred the roasted aubergine slices right into the spinach and ricotta mixture. Delicious. #food   ·

Learn the Military Tuck for Keeping a Dress Shirt Neat
Filing this for future reference, when my gut is small enough to make a dress shirt look good. #aux   ·


J Robbins walks us through Jawbox’s 1996 swan song
The Jawbox vocalist/guitarist goes deep on his best-known band’s final record for the AV Club. But reading him say that he “can’t sing”? What the hell are you talking about, man?! You have one of the richest sounding voices in rock! #sound   ·


Mike Judge thinks we’re doomed
Y’know, I’d forgotten Silicon Valley was his thing. Which might be exactly what he wanted, so it isn’t lumped with the baggage of his previous achievements. Also: must watch Silicon Valley. #screen   ·

It isn’t just The Breakfast Club: everything good happened in 1984
Bee’s been saying it for years (and not just because she was born in 1984). My only lasting memories of that year are taking the train to the zoo on my birthday, about a month before the Dart started running, and starting Montessori school a few months later. #screen   ·

Our RoboCop Remake
It’s been more than a year but I finally got around to watching this yesterday and it’s fantastic. [c/o io9] #screen   ·


RiYL podcast 047: cartoonist Box Brown, “Andre the Giant: Life and Legend”
Posting this here as a reminder to finally listen to this, months after reading (and loving) the book. #wrestling   ·

The Grind That Annoys interview with Jute Gyte
The crazily prolific avant black metal act is refreshingly open and candid about his music and creative process here. #sound   ·


John Wilcock, New York Years
This is fantastic: a graphic biography of the Village Voice co-founder that’s been running since 2012, with chapters posted occasionally at Boing Boing. #words   ·

Copy Editors Carve Niche in Digital Media Landscape
Yes, there’s still a role for us subs, as readers and publishers alike demand better quality across the board. #media   ·

GitHub tutorials and resources for journalists
Filing this for future reference. #media   ·


What Is Film Noir?
A great infographic intro to a wonderful genre. But it’s missing a classic recommendation in Sweet Smell of Success. #screen   ·

Revive an Old iPod Classic With an SSD Upgrade
You know, this is quite tempting. [c/o Gizmodo] #aux   ·

Nasa visualisations for global temperatures, ocean and wind currents, and more
Pretty. #aux   ·


Way More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Animaniacs
I grew up in a true golden age for cartoons, but I’m glad kids today have it even better. #screen   ·

It’s Adventure Time
Wonderful longform journalism by Maria Bustillos, here. You do watch Adventure Time, don’t you? (Actually, we’re a few seasons behind at this stage, and only one volume into the comic book.) #screen   ·

Inside Jim Henson’s Creature Shop: Where Gadgets and Dreams Collide
Here’s a good one that’s been languishing in my Delicious saved links for too long. #screen   ·


Q&A: Denis Villeneuve on ‘Sicario,’ Donald Trump, and the ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel
Some useful insight into the Sicario (and future Blade Runner 2) director’s mindset here. My review of the film won’t be done till closer to the release date here (which is 9 October) but suffice it to say it’s the best new film I’ve seen this year. #screen   ·

Dirty, Fast, and Free Audio Transcription with YouTube
Next time I have to transcribe an interview, after giving Google Voice a shot, I think I’ll be trying this. Because it’s far, far easier to edit text than transcribe it from scratch. (I can’t get any better than an hour per 10 minutes of audio. I know.) #media   ·

How to make a microwave heat bag
Filing this for future reference. #aux   ·


Lion’s Pride: The Turbulent History of NJPW
Missed the closing date for funding campaign, but I hope to pick up the ebook of this one when it’s published at the end of the year. #wrestling   ·

Should Metal Be Held Accountable For Its Symbolism?
Lots of important questions raised here. I feel like the closer any music gets to political (or politicised) expression, the more accountable it must be for its symbolism. It’s also too easy for people to provoke real feelings of hurt in others yet absolve themselves from any guilt or blame as they hide behind a false curtain of nihilism or intellectual superiority or whatever. (In other words, feck off with your ‘sun wheels’ bullshit.) #sound   ·

A guide to Don DeLillo’s books
Like Jason Kottke, I too have only read Underworld; I’m guessing I should give White Noise a go sometime. #words   ·


My Thumped review of Blind Idiot God’s Before Ever After
The instrumental titans return with a huge slab of a record. #sound   ·


The most beautiful suicide
Linking this as a reminder that it was used for the cover of Saccharine Trust’s Surviving You, Always. Speaking of Saccharine Trust, here’s a recent-ish interview with the band’s guitarist Joe Baiza. I love how he talks about being a non-musician, it’s very inspiring. Must be a San Pedro thing. #aux   ·

Shane Embury’s Record Box
The Napalm Death bassist picks his favourites from the John Peel record library. #sound   ·

How the Back to the Future Cast and Crew Knew Eric Stoltz Would Be Fired
Of course it’s impossible now to imagine the film without Michael J Fox, and that’s just fine because Fox is a good egg. #screen   ·

Medellín Ultra Metal
Invisible Oranges traces the birth of second-wave black metal to… Colombia? Not as weird at it sounds, when you think about it; it’s a bit western/colonial to assume Brazil was the only South American country to export/influence extreme metal in the 1980s. #sound   ·

10 great Japanese films of the 21st century from the BFI
I’ve only seen the most obvious of these, so I’ve got some watching to do. On a related note, here’s ‘10 Provocative Japanese Films That Are Worth Your Time’. (Of that list, I wouldn’t have included The Wind Rises as it’s in no way provocative in and of itself; as I wrote in my review last year, if any criticism of its morality “was couched in any political presumptions on Miyazaki’s part, it was ignorant of his long-standing love of all things flight” — although I agree that “the film’s pussyfooting around Japan’s belligerence in the World War years is also difficult to ignore”.) #screen   ·


Remember the Warriors: Behind the Chaotic, Drug-Fueled, and Often Terrifying Making of a Cult Classic
The Village Voice with a great longread here ahead of the cast reunion in Coney Island this weekend. I think the movie (which I love, of course) might need a rewatch. #screen   ·

Nothing Short of Total War – The Blast First story
Ian Maleney’s feature on what was essentially Britain’s answer to SST — and not only because it licensed stuff from the SST and Touch & Go rosters. Interesting to note that the label got its start in Nottingham, which would birth Earache (and the grindcore movement) a few years later, and that label head Paul Smith now lives in rural Cork, about as far from the industrial abrasiveness of the label’s key acts as one can get. #sound   ·

Meet Processing, the Lingua Franca of Creative Coding
One of these days I’m gonna spend a weekend wrapping my head around this, but then I say that about everything. I should probably start at the beginning and dig out that Javascript book I’ve had for years. #aux   ·

Lighten Up
“This is an example where privilege and social literacy intersect with art.” Cartoonist and comic book artist Ronald Wimberly on white ignorance when it comes to race, and why it matters. (NB He doesn’t explicitly say ‘white’, but privilege usually equals white, it’s a fact.) #comment   ·

King Buzzo talks Montage of Heck
Melvins main man Buzz Osborne calls bullshit on the artsy Kurt Cobain documentary, including the tidbit that “there was absolutely nothing wrong with his stomach. He made it up for sympathy and so he could use it as an excuse to stay loaded.” There goes the notion that he might’ve had undiagnosed IBS. #sound   ·


My Thumped review of Dope
Mixed messages mar Rick Famuyiwa’s nostalgic ‘hood’ caper. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of No Escape
This nifty throwback exploitation thriller loses a star from me for its unconscionable racism. #screen   ·


Rain is sizzling bacon, cars are lions roaring: the art of sound in movies
The Guardian profiles Oscar-winning sound designer Skip Lievsay: “His expertise, fittingly, is what can’t be seen – sound, yes, but also everything else that sound is to the human mind: the way we orient ourselves in relation to spaces, to time, to each other; the way we communicate when language fails; the way our ears know, precognitively, when the dark room has someone lurking in it or when a stranger will be kind. He orchestrates the levels of human perception that most people either fail to examine or lack the ability to notice at all. His job is to make you feel things without ever knowing he was there.” #sound   ·

The Agency
“From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, an army of well-paid “trolls” has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet — and in real-life American communities.” This story is crazy, and it’s got ‘1970s-style conspiracy thriller’ written all over it. #aux   ·

Filtered for radioactive cats
“Question. If you bury radioactive waste and need to warn people to stay away from the land for 10,000 years, how do you do it — basically how do you construct a message that lasts longer than humans have been living in cities?” And more thought-food gems like that. #aux   ·


My Thumped review of Sinister 2
I can’t believe no one else came up with my ‘Electric Bughuul’ gag. (Well, one other person did, but they added an ‘-oo’ at the end.) #screen   ·

My Thumped review of Vacation
This remake/reboot/sequel to the ’80s National Lampoon comedy is better than you might expect, given the awful trailer. #screen   ·


The foodie traveller on … reinventing poutine in Toronto
If these count as poutine, then Abrakebabra taco fries should too. I’m serious! #food   ·

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