A simple recipe for chimichurri
Used this easy recipe the other night to go with sirloin steak and it turned out great, though I think we could use a little less oil next time #   ·

The return of the remaindered links (sort of)
I’ve been thinking of ways to improve my front page for a while now, and Jason Kottke’s post on his own changes was just what I needed. When I first started my link blog it was pinned right after the first main post, basically copying what Kottke did then, and is doing again now. So why not steal from the best once more? (My rejigged front page also has the added bonus of introducing some colour (via the category banners, which I’ll be tinkering with in due course) that’s been lacking, I think; all these blacks and greys were bumming me out.) #   ·

Metazz: Metal Album Covers Redesigned
I feel fairly meh about most of these, but the Black Sabbath one is fantastic [c/o Decibel]. #   ·

Girls Fight Out
You might expect the perspective of this outsider who meets some of the tough-as-nails women vying for a spot in the UFC to err on the superficial, to play up the ‘bloodsport’ angle and decry the sexism and general bro-ness of big-time MMA. And Taffy Brodesser-Akner doesn’t leave any of that out, because it’s all there for the taking, but she’s also savvy enough to see the UFC as showbusiness, as entertainment as much as if not more than the sporting championship it professes to be. It’s funny how much Dana White, the Vince McMahon of MMA, and his ilk constantly rag on the ‘fakeness’ of pro wrestling when the UFC’s recent success is mostly down to the oldest tricks in the kayfabe book. Brodesser-Akner doesn’t make any explicit comparison, but it’s impossible to miss the parallels between, say, the hooded, menacing Ronda Rousey marching to the ring to the strains of ‘Bad Reputation’ and the glass-smashing, ass-whooping heyday of Stone Cold Steve Austin. #   ·

The Legend of Panther Girl
Even if this tale is as embellished or kayfabed as the world of wrestling it depicts, it’s still a wonderful story of rivalry among the top gals of grappling in the heyday of the territorial era. #   ·

Powered by Movable Type
Jason Snell extols the virtues of the CMS that still provides the backbone for legendary websites like Kottke.org and this place right here. #   ·

Roads Were Not Built for Cars
Did you know Henry Ford ripped off the idea of the assembly line from bicycle factories? There’s plenty of tidbits like that in this review of a new book busting the myths of road ownership. #   ·

Random Acts of Nuclear Devastation
A Christmas present from everyone’s favourite ‘heavy jazz’ duo Dead Neanderthals. #   ·

My Thumped review of Whiplash
I have to say, I wasn’t blown away right after seeing this, but it stayed with me over the next few days, more for the range and quality of JK Simmons’ performance than anything else #   ·

Unedited Footage of a Bear
You’ve seen Too Many Cooks, right? Well, here’s another great ‘infomercial’ from the warped minds at Adult Swim. #   ·


What 800 Nerds on a Cruise Ship Taught Me About Life, the Universe, and Snorkeling
“If the JoCo Cruise is a church, I am apostate. That’s why I couldn’t stop worrying and love the Sea Monkeys. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be a nerd anymore. It was that I did. Or rather, that I already, inescapably, was. That boat and those people? They were my hometown. Like everyone’s hometown, mine embarrasses me. I have worked hard to lose my accent. I know every back-alley shortcut and every bit of secret gossip. I couldn’t leave soon enough. I miss it ferociously. I’m always happy to meet natives and always trying to avoid them. I’ll defend it with my life against any threat, even when I’m wrong.” Is it really about ‘losing the accent’, or being embarrassed by others who seem too conspicuously enthusiastic about their chosen obsession? If everyone relaxed a bit and didn’t try so hard, maybe we wouldn’t be so hung up about it. #   ·

Dear Metalheads, Stop Apologizing For Liking Metal
Well said, Jonathan Dick, well said. #   ·


What Happened When Marissa Mayer Tried to Be Steve Jobs
Disappointing that this piece embellishes the valid criticism of Mayer’s tenure at Yahoo! by putting across her general distrust of people without a third-level degree (strangely irrational for an engineer, that) as a specific dislike of other women-with-currency like Gwyneth Paltrow, handbags at dawn and all that. It’s just one of a few asides and examples that lend this text an distasteful, condescending tone. #   ·

Eloquent Javascript
The whole book, served as a website. Nice. Filing here for future reference. #   ·

Like Pushing an Elephant Into a Volkswagen
Writers discuss working around their day jobs. #   ·


The 2014 Good Gift Games
Machi Koro looks like loads of fun, as do Splendor and Star Realms; Tokaido is a lovely game, too, but having seen it played on Tabletop I’m not convinced it works for two players, alas. #   ·


High school girls build kick-ass robots
Meanwhile, there’s a stupid robot contest featuring the world’s dumbest robots being dumb. #   ·

Sub ire as hacks slash word length: getting the skinny on thinnernyms
The headline writer’s vernacular! (Also, in hindsight ‘word girth’ would more apropos in that head.) #   ·

The case against human rights
Or rather, a motion for a different, non-hypocritical basis for human rights, because the system as it stands is constantly undermined by politics for good and for ill. #   ·


Meet Cassandro, the drag queen star of Mexico’s wrestling circuit
A surprisingly fair and candid profile in The Guardian, here. The ‘exotico’ is a peculiarity of lucha libre, but it has connections with the mainstream: Gorgeous George was the template for the first exotic, Adrian Street, while Goldust did it brilliantly in the ’90s. #   ·

A Little Known Hack From Japan To Get Your Notebook Organized
If I ever go back to using a Moleskine, this is a good method to employ. #   ·


Mama knows best: how to make a great Persian stew
We’ve done apricots with chicken before, it’s a great combo, so looking forward to trying this dish. #   ·

Slab happy: Yotam Ottolenghi’s meatloaf recipes
Meat with a bunch of stuff in it, baked in a tray? Sounds easy enough to me. (Though I’ll have to watch the carbs-to-protein ratio; I’ve been eating too many carbs as it is.) #   ·

The Oral History Of The Poop Emoji (or, How Google Brought Poop To America)
Google may have brought it, but it’s the smile that made it. #   ·


Frank Henenlotter – Basket Cases, Frankenhookers and Sexploitation!
My friend JP Mulvanetti’s interview with the Basket Case schlockmeister. #   ·

The tl;dr version of the Bible
Yep, that’s it alright. #   ·

When is a water charge not a water charge?
Una Mullaly on the money when it comes to the bullshit taxes levied on the Irish public: “The most offensive of all terms is Universal Social Charge (USC), which doesn’t mean anything, but suggests we would universally benefit from some sort of collective monetary contribution to society. Using its actual name – Infinite Pit of Banking Debt Sucker Payment (IPBDSP)– is just a bit too real.” #   ·

My Thumped review of Foxcatcher
I mean it when I say it’s more a horror film than a true crime drama; Steve Carell scared the bejesus out of me. #   ·


The Weird Physics of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Corpse-City,” R’lyeh
Can’t get your head around it? That’s precisely the point. #   ·

Censored! The journalism they didn’t want you to see
On the dark art of subediting, saving hacks from embarrassment since time immemorial. #   ·


The strange saga of Spookies
I love filmmaking stories like this; they’re far better than the films themselves. (That reminds me, I still have yet to see Best Worst Movie.) #   ·

Why nerd culture must die
A harsh way to put some salient points, though it seems more and more reasonable if this is what defines nerd culture. Still, I think there’s too much apology for those who don’t take the time to care about basic security and privacy online, like knowing why you shouldn’t click on this or that, being careful with passwords, etc. It’s a shared onus, on those with the know-how to be encouraging, and on newbies to get to grips with learning how to behave online; something like the European Computer Driving Licence but just for basic internet literacy/proficiency. #   ·

Buildings at risk: Former Liberties hub set for new lease of life
When we lived in town we were in the flats abutting the Iveagh Market, and sighed at the waste of such a beautiful structure every time we walked by. I sincerely hope something comes of these new development plans, because this is the kind of heritage we need to preserve. (Update 07/01: here’s a press release on plans for the building, with the faint sound of alarm bells signalling over-gentrification.) #   ·


13 Reasons Why We Can (And Should) Pick Our Favorite Records: A Defense For The Quantification Of Aesthetics
Justin Snow says pretty much everything I wanted to say about Drew Daniel’s point-missing Baker’s Dozen for The Quietus. #   ·


And that’s the bottom line: A beginner’s guide to the WWE
It’s never too late to get into wrestling, and WWE is the best place to start for any newbie. I’d make some additions to the ‘advanced studies’ section, though: indie promotions and puroresu (which the AV Club has lately highlighted) are where the craft lives and breathes. #   ·

A Big Article About Wee Things
Icons are just the beginning of the tiny details that aid our understanding of an interaction with all sorts of things, from reading news stories to browsing websites to navigating spaces; the list goes on. #   ·

John Scalzi on enjoying problematic things
Where to draw the line between art and artist? It’s a complex set of negotiations, that’s for sure, and even that much is troubling for people who have a fairly monochrome view of the world. See also: How to be a fan of problematic things #   ·


Quick and dirty web-based colour conversions between hex, RGB, CMYK, Pantone, etc. Hardly for pros with calibrated monitors, books full of Pantone swatches and whatnot but not everyone has access to such expensive resources. #   ·

Font Squirrel
Quite a nifty resource for free fonts here. Filing this for future reference. #   ·

Here are Ireland’s top 10 biscuits, in order of popularity
Definitive proof that the vast majority of Irish society are morons. No Crunch Creams? No Viscounts? Zero credibility. #   ·

Cobra gave 1986 the Dirty Harry knockoff it deserved
I’d wanted to see Cobra ever since that amazing cover art on the video store shelf, and when I finally did a few years ago I wasn’t too disappointed. Of course it’s pretty distasteful if you take it as anything but a cop-as-vigilante fantasy. #   ·


On Death and iPods: A Requiem
It totally, totally sucks that there’s no mp3 player option for listeners like me who want to take all their music with them wherever they go. We’re back to where we were over a decade ago, when disk space was the only limitation; now we’re being limited by corporately contrived and dictated habits. Fuck that shit. #   ·

Wikipedia’s list of common misconceptions
Saving this for future reference. #   ·

Weird Facts About 5 of the World’s Most Famous Logos
I miss that NASA logo; it’s still cool and modern. #   ·


Who Cares What Steve Albini Thinks? You Probably Do.
This fucking thing has been shared to death, so instead here’s an interview Albini did earlier this year with Maureen Herman of Babes in Toyland. It’s good. #   ·

John Waters discusses 50 years of John Waters movies, and why he refuses to go backward
He describes himself as a storyteller, not a filmmaker, so the lack of opportunity for making his kinds of films hasn’t put a damper on his work, what with his books and spoken word shows and all sorts. (In any case, he’ll hardly top the films he made between the mid ’80s and mid ’90s.) #   ·

Listen to Late by Interlard on Bandcamp
Harsh grinding metallic noise from Birmingham. Probably what Black Sabbath would sound like if they started today. Kim Kelly said they reminded her of Burmese so that was enough for me. #   ·

My Thumped review of Annie
Better late than never, here’s what I had to say about a kids’ movie, for kids, that’s pretty bad but not nearly as bad as the critics say (I see its RT rating’s gone up slightly since writing, but 29% is still artificially low). #   ·


Not Allowed In The Deep End: Ralph Wiggum’s Finest Moments
“You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half.” Oh man! The Simpsons really was the greatest show in American TV history. #   ·

The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit
A sad tale that only proves how impossible it is to live by one’s own wits in this world. Hell, even Thoreau had help from his friends and family. #   ·

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