The Four Women Saving Wrestling
GQ gets in on the Four Horsewomen business. But is the change they herald really a sure thing? With matches still being booked in the Divas-era ‘girly’ style (catfights with hair-pulling, basically), we’re a ways off yet. #wrestling   ·

The Smart Fan’s Guide to ‘SummerSlam,’ the Smart Fan’s PPV
I like Shoemaker but I don’t agree with the premise of this piece at all. When did SummerSlam become ‘the smart fan’s WrestleMania’? Isn’t that still WrestleMania? Also, it’s comical in hindsight, what with this year’s SummerSlam being such a drag, and the subsequent minor PPVs being stronger in both ‘workmate’ and entertainment value. #wrestling   ·

Why bad films still deserve good reviews
Here’s a better title: Why bad film still deserve fair reviews. Fair to the film and fair to the reader. #screen   ·

My Thumped review of Moana
I liked it just fine; the story is nothing special, and the songs are blah, but the animation is stunning. #screen   ·

Can you be a feminist and vote for Donald Trump? Yes, you can
I’ve deleted a whole bunch of Trump-related links from my ‘blogfodder’ folder because it’s shit you already know unless you’re an idiot. But I had to share this one because it’s so mind-numbingly depressing, how little some women in America think of themselves, and how low a bar they set for the men they know. On a related note: Jason Kottke’s post on the five steps to tyranny. #comment   ·

A recent interview with Weasel Walter
He seems jaded by the music business, or rather the business of doing music. It’s understandable, to an extent. At least he’s still enjoying the making of music. Here’s a better one with Hank Shteamer where he’s talking just that. #sound   ·

Hair Police discography on Bandcamp
The Kentucky noise band in digital streaming form. #sound   ·

PDF downloads of the 1980s underground zine. #aux   ·

The Story of Feminist Punk in 33 Songs
Women’s thoughts on music made my women, in whole or in part. #sound   ·

“Satan has a new name tonight—it’s Arab on Radar!”
Or, that time a great noise rock band opened for Marilyn Manson. #sound   ·


We All Need Somebody To Lean On
Do we need an anthropological analysis of wrestling? Well, why not? I’m not complaining. #wrestling   ·


From Choice to Polarity: Politics of, and, and in Art
China Miéville makes great points in this essay about the inherent politics, or politicalness, of artistic expressions and their perception, simultaneously separate and symbiotic. #comment   ·

Eric Clapton & Enoch Powell To Morrissey: Race In British Music Since ‘76
British discomfort with diversity has always simmered just below the surface, and it’s always been ironic considering the social and anthropological history of the island. #comment   ·

Nasum live at Eamon Doran’s, 5 May 2002
I had a ticket to this gig but I skipped it, to study for an exam the next day. I’ve always regretted it, but now I can see (some of) what I missed, of them and The Dillinger Escape Plan who also played that night (though I’ve since seen them a couple of times). #sound   ·


Butternut squash soup with chilli & crème fraîche
I made this soup today for the cold weekend that’s in it, with a few changes: I left the chilli and the butter out, used rapeseed oil instead of olive oil for roasting the squash (seasoned with salt, black pepper and cumin seeds) and frying the onion and garlic, then reduced fat crème fraîche for the final blend, and chilli oil drizzled on my own serving for a bit of extra heat. #food   ·

3 Ingredients, No Ice Cream Machine & Your New Favorite Sherbet
That remains to be seen, or tasted. So I’m saving this to give it a go sometime. [c/o Skillet] #food   ·

Rollercoaster Bridge
That’s one steep bridge. (Also, complete coincidence that it’s the unofficial titles of the Red House Painters’ first two albums.) #aux   ·

Descendents’ Milo Aukerman on starting his music career at 53 and the songs that got him there
Hard to believe they’ve never been a full-time touring band till now, seeing as they pretty much invented the genre of pop punk (Buzzcocks notwithstanding). The new album is decent, too. #sound   ·

I’m Tired Of Shouting For Help
When I worked at a certain major music and video retailer that no longer exists (the French would call it Ashemvay) I was more than happy to help people with disabilities who were shopping for items we stocked on the first floor, which was only accessible by stairs (not because it was a listed building, which is was and is, but because Irish disability legislation doesn’t mandate the provision of a lift). That’s not the point, of course; I’m sure they’d much rather have shopped for themselves. But we rarely think of that. #comment   ·


Has JJ Abrams ruined plans to expand the Star Wars universe?
No, he hasn’t: Disney bosses have panicked because they don’t know what they have. Look at how they bungled Doctor Strange, an above-average superhero film that wasn’t screened for critics till days before it hit cinemas. They’re petrified of putting out anything that doesn’t match the tone of what’s come before, forgetting of course that recent genre smashes — even from other studios, like Deadpool — established said tone in the first place. The Force Awakens itself suffered from that fear, by compromising on the fresh take its first 45 minutes offered with a nostalgia trip for the rest of the flick. And how many people were talking about it even a month after release? I hope Rogue One retains the darker, Empire Strikes Back tone as it was allegedly conceived, but that remains to be seen, and it doesn’t look good from here, just four weeks out from release. #screen   ·


We Must Change: A Message To All Professional Wrestling Fans
There are variations of this kind of thing all over the web, and they’re indicative of a growing frustration with wrestling fandom that’s hard to articulate (in this case, the writer makes a category error in cleaving the fanbase between ‘casual’ and ‘smart’) other than saying that some people — the type who demand five-star matches, and only appreciate the ‘entertainment’ with ironic detachment — take things way too seriously. #wrestling   ·

Wikipedia entry for Shiritori
A Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final kana of the previous word. Kinda like that game where one person starts with a word in a particular category, and you have to follow with another in the same category starting with the last letter of the first. That’s a convoluted explanation, but you know what I mean. #aux   ·

Why Do So Many Comedians Love Pro Wrestling?
This guy gets it. #wrestling   ·

A Platform for Trolls
“Sensible people — people who care about things like acceptance and inclusion — were complaining about Katy Hopkins being on the show. They talked about how they weren’t going to watch the show, and everyone inside the same echo chamber of opinions repeated the same thing, over and over again. Meanwhile, the people who were insulated from the uproar, the people who don’t know who Katy is (or worse, the people that agree with her) just watched the show anyway. Along with, I’ll bet, a lot of the people who said they wouldn’t. And then come the complaints to RTÉ and the cycle continues.” Yep, I was part of that echo chamber, I’ll own that. It still rankles that RTÉ refused to entertain complaints before the programme, as if the prospect of sheer wrongness doesn’t count, but RATINGS. #comment   ·


Ben Wheatley’s 21 British Films You Need To See
Considering his filmography, these choices make sense. (Also: must see High Rise.) #screen   ·

Ecstatic Truths: The Best of Werner Herzog’s Reddit Q&A
There is no high-brow or low-brow: there is only Herzog. And that’s why he’s brilliant. #aux   ·

The Real Ghostbusters show bible lets you know who, exactly, ya gonna call
I love this kind of behind-the-curtain creative stuff about how entertainment gets made. #screen   ·

How not to write: 14 tips for aspiring humanities academics
Good advice for writing in general. #words   ·


that’s not why you feel the way you feel
Good points made here, though I doubt they will fund their intended audience. #aux   ·

When Student Activists Refuse to Talk to Campus Newspapers
Naivety plus a propensity to compartmentalise the world into easily classifiable categories (intersectionality does not equal mutability, ding ding) is a dangerous equation. Let me put it another way: the media is not the monolith some perceive it to be. You want to be the change you want to see? You can do it through existing channels too, not solely via your own — indeed, the latter is arguably best avoided, because you’re probably blind to your own biases. #comment   ·


No-Knead Bread
Kneading is hard. I’ve tried; I can’t do it. I’m gonna try this way instead. #food   ·

What Is American Cheese, Anyway?
[c/o MetaFilter] I still find it laughable that US burger aficionados seem so fastidious about the quality of the beef in their patties, yet are content — nay, adamant — to slap orange plastic on ‘em. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with processed cheese, but context is context, and certain foods require appropriate respect. So yeah, I don’t get it, man. On a related note: Why Is Cheese So Expensive in Canada? (The answer is surprising.) #food   ·


Devo Live 1980
An hour and 15 minutes of Devo live in concert. Just because. #sound   ·

Black Flag’s Psychic Imprint
People will try to dismiss it, but their relevance speaks for itself. #sound   ·


The Stone Cold Stunner Is The Most Important Wrestling Move Of All Time
You know what? I agree with this, pretty much. [c/o MetaFilter] #wrestling   ·

‘Poetic impressions’ of the annual Royal Rumble. Just three months till the next one! #wrestling   ·

Wrestling’s favorite restaurant: The oral history of Ribera Steakhouse
An oldie but a goodie. You know you’ve made it in The Business when they give you one of those satin jackets. #wrestling   ·


My Thumped review of Doctor Strange
There are two types of Marvel movies, it seems: the entertaining ones, and the rest. This one fits in the former category, thankfully. #screen   ·


No Wave Is Boring
‘Weaponised ennui’ is a great way to describe it. #sound   ·

The secret of taste: why we like what we like
There’s no accounting for it, that’s for sure. #aux   ·

How do I create a book cover spine in Adobe InDesign?
Filing this for future reference. #aux   ·


Social justice, shipping, and ideology: when fandom becomes a crusade, things get ugly
If the concept of shipping makes you go ‘huh?’ then you’d better also read Canon, fanon, shipping and more: a glossary of the tricky terminology that makes up fan culture. (Better make that youth fan culture, where everything has to be a competition. If only you young’uns were more philosophical about shit.) #aux   ·

Take it with a pinch of salt – the food marketing myths we’ve swallowed whole
It’s tempting to fall into the trap of ‘it’s all marketing blah blah’ but healthy scepticism goes a long way. Like, there’s nothing wrong with having bacon for breakfast, or drinking a glass of milk if you enjoy it; just be aware of why you might be doing it in the first place. #food   ·


The True Story Of The Fake Zombies, The Strangest Con In Rock History
It’s one that turns out to be not so much strange as particularly complicated, as copycat acts in the pre-video age were all the rage. #sound   ·

The Story of Vince McMahon
I saw some ragging on this piece for being a lift from Vince’s infamous Playboy interview, and not even a lift of the juiciest quotes. But the point of it is more as a sampler for people to go read all of these sources in greater depth, is it not? Take it for what it is, not what you think it is, people. #wrestling   ·


NJPW World live events calendar
For keeping track of upcoming events when I catch up from being weeks behind, again. #wrestling   ·

Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks
Via a ‘healthy eating for wrestling fans’ group I’ve joined, believe it or not. It’s getting to the time of year to try something like this, that’s for sure. #food   ·

Read more blogs
Blogs are still going, even if the denizens of the internet have moved to social media apps and all that noise. On a related note: The Favelog Writes Itself — on building a self-updating website that archives and catalogs your personal collections of favorites, saves, stars, and likes around the web. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while but haven’t technically been able to do, what with not using Wordpress and all. #aux   ·


The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies
It’s like something from a movie — as a matter of fact, the story inspired a TV series — but it’s real, and I can’t even begin to imagine the existential crisis these guys are going through. #aux   ·

Will the Left Survive the Millennials?
If the spirit of what she’s saying is sound, Lionel Shriver doesn’t help her case with hyperbole like ‘shrill’, ‘fraught with danger’ and ‘weaponised sensitivity’. (And that headline? Sheesh.) She also (wilfully?) misses the point of what Abdel-Magied was trying to get across, as much as I rolled my eyes at her pained prose: that it’s really no longer acceptable for the relatively privileged to write about others less so, when the latter are given fewer — or no — opportunities to do it themselves. #comment   ·

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