Some Things I’ve Made

Furnace Online
The companion website I built for Furnace, the magazine produced by the Dublin Institute of Technology’s MA in Journalism Class of 2005. It was originally hosted at but I let the domain expire some time ago. Anyway. Some of the writers here will hopefully be familiar to you; we had a very good class that year.

SST Records Discography
Something I threw together recently in a free afternoon: an almost complete discography of every recording released by Greg Ginn’s SST Records from its 1978 inception to the present, in order of catalogue number. For total music nerds only. (Discographies for SST sub-labels Cruz and New Alliance to be added some time this decade. Or next.)

The Irish Whip
My other weblog: a dedicated location for ramblings, rantings and ravings about that grandest of arts, professional wrestling. (Currently dormant.)